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Marcus Pannell left home when he was 18 and has recently returned to the hills of East Tennessee to enjoy his retirement. Spending many years in the Louisiana area as his home base, Marcus got to travel all over the country as a tour bus driver. Today, he is very happy in his new home he purchased from Clayton Homes of Kingsport. He explained, “I just moved here from Louisiana and I decided to buy a mobile home rather than to buy a house because I didn’t like the idea of having to do lawn work, shrubbery and all of that.”

Marcus spent some time looking around at a variety of mobile home dealers but in the end he returned to Clayton of Kingsport. “I met Kevin and Jeremy and I looked at some of the homes and Kevin just seemed like a very honest person.” He continued, “I don’t like high pressure salesmen. I will walk away. I knew what I wanted and Kevin and Jeremy were very easy to deal with. They were professional and I just took a liking to them. So I decided to give them my business.” The home Marcus found was perfect for him. When asked what he liked most he replied, “The way it is laid out. For a bachelor it is perfect. I have no family living with me and it fit what I wanted so I bought it from Clayton.”

"Kevin is great. I don’t think they could find a better manager and he’s got a really good salesman working for him. Peggy is fantastic too. She is a very nice lady, very pleasant, on the ball and takes care of business."

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Despite having to have the vinyl in his kitchen replaced due to an installation error, everything went very smoothly for Marcus during his home buying process. “They replaced it no problem,” he shared. “Kevin has been good about anything that’s wrong. He is right on it and doesn’t give you the run around. He is a good manager.” Today, the relationships that he formed with Kevin and the rest of the staff at Clayton Homes of Kingsport are still strong. On occasion Marcus even cooks up Louisiana style dishes and stops in to share a meal with the crew at the home center.

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